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Full Solar Installation

Nationwide solar system/inverter installations including solar panels, inverter, batteries, etc

Isolation of inverter/non-inverter circuits so that you can run essential appliances on your solar system and heavy appliances on Electricity or Generator.

Earthing to protect your solar equipment from lightning strikes.. 

Inverter-Only Installation

We can install just an inverter without solar This will provide uninterrupted power for the hours when Electricity is unavailable. This is also a cost-effective way to get started with solar without making the full investment at once. We can add-on solar when the time is right.. 

Solar-Only Installation

If you already have an inverter, we can install just the solar part to supplement charging your inverter from Electricity.  Instantly see how much it would cost to add solar to existing inverter setup with our solar-only cost estimator.. 

System Maintenance

We maintain systems even if they were not originally installed by us

Battery replacement, top-off (for flooded batteries), desulphation (can improve the life of old batteries), equalization.

Solar panel repositioning, cleaning, and expansion.

Charge controller and inverter repair/upgrade.  

Energy Audit

A thorough energy audit will allow us discover and recommend ways to get more out of your solar system e.g. replacing light fixtures with efficient alternatives, energy-saving settings on TVs, etc.  Request an energy audit today.. 

Solar Water Pump

A solar water pump does not require batteries so they can function with minimal maintenance for several years. Compared to conventional water pumps that might be powered by petrol/diesel generators, the investment on a solar water pump pays off in 1-2 years.. 

Latest News
Tips Before Choosing The Right Solar Installation Company

If you are planning to be a responsible citizen of the world and install solar panels, you should get quality installation service. Solar panels are not just an eco-friendly option to cut down on the carbon footprint; they can last up to twenty years.

Solar Cheat Sheet: Your Complete Guide to Getting Solar Panels at Home

If you're thinking of going solar, you're likely encountering equipment and policies you haven't had to think about before. It's pretty easy to take your electricity for granted, except for the few times it goes out

The floating solar panels that track the Sun

In the search to find space for large solar arrays, many countries are looking to floating systems. Now the Netherlands is taking this one step further, with water-based arrays that follow the Sun.

Diesel price hikes have increased demand for Solar Energy

The recent hike in the price of diesel has become a burden to many businesses. According to October 2022 data from the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS), Nigerians paid an average of N801.09 per litre for diesel.